Swimming pools are amazing fun for your entire family. The sad fact is, though that you need to keep everyone safe and it’s a big responsibility. Drowning has always been an issue, prior to there being mandatory requirements for locking fences and gates around swimming pools, they were even higher than they are now. We have ideas on how to go high tech with pool safety that provides layers of protection.

Municipalities have rules and regulations in place that require specific safety measures. Even if you’ve installed fencing, you know that a curious child can always find a way over so it’s always a great idea to have backup safety measures in addition to your pool fence.

Let’s talk about advances in technology for swimming pool safety measures. So many swimming pool owners are looking for ways to enhance the safety and security around their swimming pools and swimming pool service professionals have stepped up and have new safety offerings. Talk with the swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN about the options for safety measures.

How to go high-tech with pool safety

A swimming pool fence is required but many swimming pool owners are going above and beyond to install a myriad of safety measures including infrared motion detectors and other hi-tech devices. In fact, your municipality may require more than one safety device in your swimming pool – your local swimming pool builder is a great resource for knowing what is necessary.

  1. Infrared devices operate on a motion detector technology – if the infrared beam of light is broken, an alarm will sound.
  2. There are devices that float on the water and these, too, will sound an alarm if the surface of the water is broken. Both types of detectors come with various sensitivity level settings; it may take a bit of experimentation to find the correct setting for your needs. You certainly don’t want the alarm going off every time a leaf falls into the pool.
  3. If you’re looking for true hi-tech, look into motion-activated camera as these are fast becoming a favorite safety device with swimming pool owners. You can program the cameras to sweep and monitor the swimming pool area or they can be set motion activation if it detects motion in the area. You will want to wire the camera to either a computer or a television monitor that is centrally located for easy monitoring.

It doesn’t matter what type of hi-tech security you install, there is still no better security than the constant supervision by responsible adults.