Hot tubs, spas and swimming pools can put a strain on your family finances when it comes to maintenance, heating and running the equipment. If you want to know how to have an eco-friendly hot tub as a way to save money on running it in the winter, or throughout the year, the swimming pool and hot tub contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee have suggestions.

How to have an eco-friendly hot tub

You can take your hot tub to the next level, environmentally and eco-friendly wise by going “green” with its care and maintenance and by employing a few of these measures:

  1. Insulation matters. The hot tub and its housing needs to be insulated well. The hot tub itself and its shell can be insulated. Ask us how much insulation there is and what the R-factor (it should be at least 40) is and how well that will help you with heating costs.  Save money and be eco-friendly by trapping heat by insulating the spa well. e both money and the environment is to trap as much heat as you can inside the structure.
  2. Cover matters. A hot tub cover shouldn’t be deemed an “accessory.” It should be considered an essential part of hot tub ownership. Purchase the hot tub cover the same time you buy the hot tub itself. Diligent use of the cover keeps the water cleaner and traps the heat.
  3. Speed matters. The hot tub pump doesn’t always need to operate at top speed, in fact installing a variable speed pump is one of the best money-saving decisions you can make. These pumps are designed to operate at a low horsepower and this saves money. A variable speed pump in your swimming pool is an upgrade to consider if you haven’t already.
  4. Water matters. If you need to drain the hot tub, and you will during the season, rather than dumping the water, use it to irrigate your lawn? If recycling the water is something you want to do, let the hot tub run and don’t add chemicals for at least three days prior to draining it.
  5. Heat matters: If you’re not going to use the hot tub for a while – even a few days – turn the temperature down a few degrees as a way to save money. Also, you may be able to drop the temperature a degree or two when you’re using it and chances are no one will notice! Even a degree or two drop can save you money.

Ask us for other ways in which you can save money on your hot tub operation.