Did you know it’s never too late to learn how to swim? The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee say anyone can learn how to learn to swim this year. If you have your own swimming pool you can even learn in the comfort of your backyard. What could be better?

Learning to swim is something that every child should learn — whether there is a pool in the backyard or you take vacations where there are swimming pools. Many school districts offer swim lessons, but if you check with your pediatrician, he may say your child could learn to swim when they are as young as one year old!

When you’re a pool owner, knowing how to swim and making certain your children can swim adds to the safety of the family pool. Keep in mind, even if your children can swim you can still NEVER leave them unattended.

Children who know how to swim need to be supervised and if you’re having a party, they should still wear life vests to keep them as safe as can be.

If you plan to hire a swim instructor, talk with more than one and find an instructor you feel comfortable with and whom you think your children will have fun learning from. Swim lessons should be fun so your children look forward to swim time.

How to learn to swim this year

  1. If you’re a beginning swimmer — no matter your age — start in the shallow end. Yes, you will eventually move to the deeper end, but the shallow end makes it easier to learn to swim and you’ll be more comfortable if you can touch the bottom.
  2. Sure, a child won’t likely be able to touch the bottom, but when your child is learning to swim, you will be right beside him every step of the way.
  3. Your swim instructor will show you, and your child, how to breathe in the water. This will help alleviate fear if water gets in your child’s face.
  4. Swim lessons will progress as you and your children learn and master the steps before.
  5. Before you know it you will be bobbing underwater, jumping in from the side of the pool, treading water, doing back and front floats and even learning swim strokes.

You will want to make time during the week — every day, if possible — to practice what you’ve learned. Just remember to start the swim lessons when everyone is in a good mood. If you’re trying to swim with a child who is already cranky, you won’t have any fun and he might start to think that swimming is not fun.

Talk with us and find out what type safety and emergency equipment you should keep poolside.