Tipton Pool Builders in Knoxville, Tennessee explain how to plan a pool building project. The time is upon us — and you — if you want to have a swimming pool constructed before the 2018 swim season. The season is almost upon us if you’re looking to have a pool party and enjoy your pool this year.

Don’t delay if this is the year of your family’s swimming pool. Read the following tips and then give us a call and let’s get your family’s dream swimming pool project underway.

How to plan a pool building project

  • What is your budget for a swimming pool? Know what you can afford for the construction and for ongoing upkeep and maintenance as well paying for the increased utiity bills that come with pool ownership. Let your pool contractor know what your budget is. You can even tell us how much you can afford monthly for the bills for the project, maintenance and utility bills and we can work with you to put together a project that might meet your financial qualifications.
  • What design do you have in mind for your swimming pool?
  • How much yard space do you want to give up to devote to the swimming pool?
  • What kind of outdoor living area will you want?
  • What type of accessories will you want in your pool – hot tub, fountains, sun shelves, a deep end, diving board, pool heater, etc.
  • What material do you want your pool built from? Gunite, vinyl liner or fiberglass? If you’re not certain, ask us for the pros and cons for each material type.
  • Don’t forget you will need to budget for safety items such as a pool fence and additional safety devices.
  • A pool cover should be considered a must, not an option. Using a pool cover will save you money and protect your pool.
  • Your pool contractor will help you secure the permits you need to begin the pool construction.
  • You will want to speak with your homeowner’s insurance agent to make certain your policy allows for coverage for a swimming pool. Some companies may require you increase your liability coverage, others will not cover a swimming pool because of liability aka drowning potential. You may need to budget for increases in your homeowner’s insurance policy premiums as well.
  • You will also want to assure yourself that your potential pool contractor is licensed, insured and bonded to work in the area where you live. He should supply you with copies of insurance and other legal paperwork that shows he is legit.

Having a swimming pool constructed is a major financial investment and you need to do your due diligence and find the best possible contractor at the best possible price for your project.