We don’t want to upset those of you who have already closed your swimming pools for the season, but in Knoxville, Tennessee the swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools know that there is still the possibility of a swimming pool party! We have some tips on how to plan a safe swimming pool party – and if your pool is still open you should have one, right?

Hosting a swimming pool party, whether it’s a theme party a planned party or a spur-of-the moment let’s get together party, we have some tips to help assure it’s as safe as it can be.

Even if you have been a long-time swimming pool owner, it’s never a bad idea to have a refresher on pool party safety.

How to plan a safe swimming pool party

Get ready to plan your pool party!

  1. What kind of party will you have? Will it be a theme party? Will it be a “hey are you free this afternoon” party? No matter what kind of party you plan, you can put a unique touch on it. If it’s a party without a plan, no worries, grab some beverages, snack foods (or call the local pizza shop) and just kick back and relax. If it’s a theme party, that will require a bit more planning. No matter what kind of party, make sure you schedule a pool cleaning before the party and after the party. Sign up a few responsible adults who will assure everyone who uses the pool is safe and is being monitored.
  2. Pool safety is of utmost importance. No matter what kind of party — safety is not an option. If you have a lot of people and children in the pool you may want to insist that all the children wear life vests. Ask friends who have life vests for their children to bring them, but have additional ones on hand. No child goes into the water without an adult being aware of it. No diving board or slide if there are too many people in the pool. No cannonballs. No running on the deck or no riding of bicycles, tricycles, etc. on the deck. We know. We know. It sounds like we are taking all of the fun away from the party, but we’re not. Safety will make the party fun for everyone long after it’s over.
  3. Know who is watching the children (and other adults who may not be strong swimmers) and assure yourself these people are in proximity of the pool at all times. If there are young children in the pool the adult should be within arm’s length. You may want to limit the amount of alcohol you’re serving (this is especially true if your guests have to drive home — if that’s the case, plan for your party to turn into an overnight event. Have breakfast foods on hand for those overnight guests)
  4. There needs to be an emergency poolside kit at the ready. This should have a first aid kit, a whistle to let everyone know if there is an issue, a rescue hook, a pole, a throwing device, a phone that is for emergency use only. Make sure the adults responsible for those in the pool aren’t playing on their telephones — they need to make safety a priority.

  Safety doesn’t have to take away from the fun of the party — it’s mostly common sense and paying attention! Here’s to your pool party this autumn!