Owning a swimming pool isn’t out of reach for as many people as you may have imagined. Swimming pools are no longer just for the “rich and famous.” The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee can explain how to prepare a budget for a pool project and can also help you determine what your pool project could be based on the budget you present to them.

When you factor in the fears brought about by COVID-19 as it relates to airline travel, crowded beach vacations and other close quarters factors, your own pool is an ideal option. Also, when you add up the costs of that family vacation and compare it to the cost of a swimming pool AND how long you will have a swimming pool and you will see that a pool project is one that will pay for itself over the years in family fun and safe staycation enjoyment.

How to prepare a budget for a pool project

Prior to calling us, or any other swimming pool contractor to discuss your potential pool project, decide how much you can afford and what items are absolute must-haves for your swimming pool project. There are are also items you will be required to have for your pool — items that you may not have considered — the pool pump and filter, a safety fence and other safety equipment are among a few of those items.

Don’t forget to factor in the potential for increased utility bills associated with the pool project because your utilities will increase. A pool contractor can give you an estimate on what the utility costs will be following your pool project. The final factor is the cost of ongoing pool maintenance and upkeep. You may decide to take on this project yourself or you may want to ask your pool contractor for an estimate on pool maintenance and you may find it is more cost-effective to hire a pool contractor to take on the task.

Here are tips to help you prepare for your pool project and put together your budget:

  • Decide what are absolute must-haves for your pool.
  • Budget for pool equipment that is the most energy-efficient. What you pay in higher costs up front will be reaped in the back end in savings.
  • Now ask friends what they paid for their pool projects. Ask them whom they used for the construction.
  • Factor in the padding of about 10-15% for cost overruns in the project. There always seem to be unexpected issues with any construction project.
  • Don’t forget to budget in for increases in utilities, maintenance and the cost for the financing of the pool project.

Swimming pool contractors are considered essential businesses during this coronavirus shut-down time and that means we can come to your home and safely discuss your pool project as we practice social distancing and follow all health and CDC guidelines for safety.

Give us a call and let’s discuss your swimming pool project.