Should you invest in an automatic swimming pool cover? If you aren’t certain you will be diligent in the use of the cover without one, then the answer should be yes. The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville explain the benefits of an automatic swimming pool cover the biggest one being that you will be more diligent in using it if you merely need to push a button.

The investment you make in a swimming pool cover that works on automation will bring many benefits and advantages. When talking with your pool contractor about your project and sharing your budget with him or her make certain you factor in the cost of an automatic pool cover.

The benefits of an automatic swimming pool cover

What goes into the installation of an automatic pool cover?

  • You invest in the cover — typically a vinyl one
  • There will be a device that is motor-driven and works on a pulley system to easily open and close the cover
  • A large reel will be installed at one end of the pool with two straight tracks along the sides of the pool to house the pulley.
  • You can also invest in a cover that is “invisible” and can withdraw right into a housing at the end of the pool instead of having to see the rolled up pool cover all the time. It is more costly, but is more attractive
  • Once it’s installed you push a button and the cover opens and closes

Be prepared to pay up to $8.000 for the automatic cover — and that is a low end ballpark figure.

Here are some of the benefits you will reap from having the automatic pool cover installed.

  1. The pool water will stay cleaner longer and that saves you time and money. A pool cover will keep virtually debris from the water. You won’t have to skim debris out of the water as often and if your pool contractor comes to visit, his job will be easier, shorter, he will use fewer chemicals and you just might save money.
  2. The rate of water lost through evaporation will be diminished. Evaporation of the swimming pool water is up to 70% of the reason for water loss in your swimming pool and even your hot tub. When you use a cover you won’t have to refill the pool as often. Evaporation could mean you’re losing up to a quarter to a half an inch of water each day and that means up to four inches a week — that is a lot of water to refill.
  3. A cover leads to a more energy efficient pool and that saves you money on your utility bills. This is a cost savings especially if you heat the pool water when the season is cooling off. Using a cover traps the heat that emanates from the water and that means the heated water isn’t dissipating into the air and costing you more money. One of the main reasons a cover is used on a hot tub is to trap the heated water and air.

If you invest in a safety pool cover you will also experience enhanced safety in your backyard. A safety cover is designed to hold a specific amount of weight and that could mean the difference between a child or pet falling into the water or staying on top of it until help arrives.

Talk with us about the installation of an automatic swimming pool cover when we construct your swimming pool, as part of a pool remodeling project or as a stand alone addition.