It’s so great to be in the sunshine after a long winter, right? Even now that summer has been in full swing for close to a month — more in other areas of the country — you’re still soaking up the sun and will be for many weeks to com. The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools want to give you tips on how to protect your skin while you’re swimming. Don’t get burned this summer when you’re in the pool or relaxing poolside.

We all know that a swim work out is one of the best cardiovascular workouts you can get and it is also a way to exercise without putting any stress or strain on your joints. Swimming is an ideal exercise for anyone recovering from an injury or anyone who wants to get in shape from having been sedentary.

The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools explain caring for your skin before and after swimming and working with a pool contractor to assure the water chemistry is in line and that the water is bacteria-free will help prevent potential skin problems. Chemicals that are out of balance can lead to dry, itchy skin — if you experience that, give your pool contractor a call.

 How to protect your skin while you’re swimming

Here are tips from the American Cancer Society to protect your skin while you enjoy time in and around the pool:

  • Use a cover up when you’re not in the water. A t-shirt or tunic to protect your skin.
  • Wear waterproof sunscreen. Apply 15 minutes before you go in the water. Reapply often.
  • Use sunscreen of at least 30 SPF (sun protection factor) higher if you want to avoid sun burn.
  • Put sunscreen on your face, shoulders and the tips of your ears.
  • Wear a hat to protect the delicate skin on your face and protect the top of your head from burning.
  • Take breaks from the sun and sit in the shade.
  • Don’t put baby oil on your skin — it will not protect your skin and you will burn.
  • Even when it’s cloudy, you can get a sunburn. in fact you won’t feel the heat of the sun and can burn badly because you won’t even notice it.

Preventing sunburns is your best safety tip. This is especially true for children and babies. Ask us about adding an awning or poolside umbrellas to keep you shaded when you’re not swimming.