Swimming at night is great fun — especially if you’re having a party or if you want a romantic nighttime swim. To make the pool safer you should have in-pool lighting. How well-lit is your swimming pool? Can you safely swim at night? Are you unable to see the bottom of the pool if you have a deep end (this could be a problem even in the daytime!)

Talk with the swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee about in pool lighting whether you’re getting a new pool or if you want to undertake a swimming pool remodeling project. Lighting is a necessary part of your pool but it makes your swimming pool a safer place to play.

How well-lit is your swimming pool?

Lighting falls into generally three categories:

General: shedding light on the deck and patio and seating area

Underwater: nice and safe to have when swimming after dark and for creating intriguing light effects after the sun goes down.

Accent: used to highlight trees, porches, architectural features or water features you want to draw attention to

When considering the types and style of lighting for your swimming pool, consider where the electrical outlets are, and whether you will need to have more. Consider wireless or solar lighting — but this most likely won’t illuminate the swimming pool itself enough for safe nighttime swimming.

Fiber optic lighting is popular for adding ambient light. With fiber optics, light doesn’t carry electrical currents but the fibers of light move through cables and offer a wide range of colors and styles.

LED lighting is considered the most cost effective and longest-lasting.

Give us a call today or talk with us when we do our next pool service visit for you and see whether you’re happy with your current lighting or if you want to upgrade today.