Swimming pool heaters allow pool owners to open the pool earlier in the season and use it long after many other pool owners in Knoxville, TN may have closed their pools. A pool heater can take the chill off the water or it could make your pool water bathtub warm. Is it time to replace the pool heater?

If you’re looking for a way to extend your pool season, give the pool contractors from Tipton Pools a call and let’s talk about the right size heater for your pool, how to get the most energy-efficient model for the size pool you have and what style is the best.

  1. Gas
  2. Wood fired
  3. Heat pump
  4. Electric
  5. Solar

Is it time to replace the pool heater?

Different pool heater styles have differing price points when you purchase them and for the ongoing operation of them. Some are more energy efficient in different areas of the country, while others are all-around good options. If you want to have a pool heater added to a new pool construction project or if you want to have one added as part of a pool remodeling project, ask us and let’s talk about what might be the most ideal style for your pool and your lifestyle and your budget.

Look for a heater with a good warranty and from a manufacturer that has a good track record of building quality items. Your swimming pool contractor is the best source for information on the type of heater that is designed to work for many years.

Energy consumption is a key tip to look at when selecting the heater and this means you will see a surge in your electric bills. Asking the swimming pool contractor for all data and information on the device is the best advice. Also, many pool contractors can help you estimate just how much it might cost to heat your pool. You will need to weigh the increases in cost against the joy of swimming in your pool for more weeks, or even months of the year.