Is it time to update your pool deck? The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee answer this question regularly. There are some reasons to undertake a pool deck update and they could include:

  • For safety reasons
  • For aesthetic reasons

The pool deck is the icing on the cake of your swimming pool and when you consider that you will likely spend more time around the pool than you will spend in the pool you can see the importance of having a swimming pool deck that you love and that is safe.

Your deck will showcase the beauty of your swimming pool.

Is it time to update your pool deck?

YWhat are some of the deck materials and finishes you have to choose from for your project?

  1. Paving stones –  this material also offers many unique shapes, colors and styles. A stone deck is a more natural look than other materials and this may be important for the aesthetic you’re seeking.It is a durable material.
  2. Stained wooden deck – this is a popular choice because of its price and ease of construction. Wood decking will require regular preventive matenance.
  3. Composite materials – this looks like wood, but isn’t — it’s made of composite materials. This type decing doesn’t fade or rot and doesn’t usually show wear.
  4. Poured concrete – this is affordable, long lasting and has the ability to be adapted to various colors, stamped design and is similar to stone deck finishes
  5. Mosiac tile – you want to assure that the tiles on your deck are unglazed as glazed tiles are slippery. Tiles are typically square but you can fnid other shapes from specialty contractors.

No matter what type of deck material you choose, it should be budgeted for when you talk with your pool contractor about your pool project. We have worked with many pool owners in the past who didn’t consider a pool deck as part of the project and they came back to us the next year to have one installed. Many pool owners find they love the ability to be able to relax poolside without having to place their lounge chairs in the grass!