The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee understand that swimming pool landscaping is more than just grass — in fact, grass can be more trouble than it’s worth for many pool owners. Grass means you will need to cut it and trim it and chances are the cuttings will be blown into the water before you have a chance to rake it up.

Additionally, grass landscaping will mean you will have to take time to rake after every mowing and that just adds to your time spent working ON the pool rather than spending time IN the pool. If you live in an area of the country where pool time is at a premium, you will definitely want to spend your free time swimming, not working on it.

Pool landscaping is more than just grass

We’re not saying you don’t want any grass in your yard, but you can landscape the area around your swimming pool with more than grass. In some areas of the country — Arizona for example, stones and cactus make ideal landscaping options.

You can add aesthetic beauty to your pool by using other landscaping features.

  •  How about greenery in general? Trees and even potted plants lend beauty without additional work. If you have potted plants you can move them from place to place to add a new look and feel to the pool area. Greenery and the pots they’re in enhance the beauty of the backyard area. Flowers, succulents and raised garden beds are other options to consider poolside.
  • Fire and water features. These stunning features serve double duty — heat from the fire features and relaxation from the water features. With a fire feature you can use it to cook meals, warm the area when fall settles in and both add aesthetic appeal.
  • Stone pavers add intrigue and a place to walk that isn’t grassy or muddy. Talk with your landscape professional and ask for ideas on design options for stone pavers as a deck or walkway.

What does your outdoor living space currently look like? What do you love about it that you may want to enhance? What would you like to discard in favor of another design option? Talk with us today and start planning your end of season pool landscaping theme. If you’re going the potted plant and tree route, you can visit a local garden center today and begin your own unique design for the pool area.