Is it time to upgrade your pool patio? If so, this is the ideal time of year to kick off that project. You’re not swimming. Chances are you’re not spending too much time around the pool and in the patio area, but even if you are, it’s easier to give up the space this time of year for a remodel than it is in the midst of swim season, right?

If you’re considering a swimming pool patio upgrade, talk with the swimming¬†pool contractors in Knoxville, Tennessee about your thoughts for the project. Your poolside space can be as simple or as complex as you want. You could opt for a deck or poured cement area or you could go all out and have a gazebo or pool house constructed. The sky — and your budget — are the limit! Knowing how you want to use the outdoor pool patio space and how much you want to spend will help determine what projects to tackle and how involved the project will be.

The swimming pool, for many pool owners, has become the focal point of their family life during the fleeting summer months and that’s why they want their outdoor space to be as comfortable and welcoming as their living room. Outdoor kitchens are one of those items that many pool owners are opting for and this means so much more than having a backyard barbecue grill. Outdoor kitchens are the place to house a chef’s kitchen set-up, a sink, refrigerator, cupboards, seating areas and much more.

Is it time to upgrade your pool patio?

Look for weather resistant cabinetry, seating areas as well as equipment and you may also want to cover the outdoor kitchen area as a further way to protect it from the elements. When you have weather proof cabinets you can enjoy cooking out of doors, but have storage space for utensils, dishes and cutlery saving yourself from having to traipse back and forth from the indoor kitchen balancing supplies for your outdoor living space. Make space in your budget to equip the outdoor kitchen space with dishes, plates, cooking pots and pans, utensils and even spices and other items you enjoy in your indoor kitchen.

Make your outdoor patio and kitchen area as unique as you and your family and add your unique decorating touches. For many pool owners, they spend more time poolside during the summer than they do in the house and to spend even more time out of doors, move the kitchen out there with you!