The best way to know whether your pool project is on track is to talk with your pool contractor from Tipton Pools in Eastern Tennessee. Every pool project is different and every phase takes a different amount of time depending on weather, size, placement, building material and so much more!

Once you have found the pool contractor with whom to work on your project you can trust that he or she will have your best interests at heart and will keep your pool project moving along. The pool contractors from Tipton Pools understand that now that you’ve made the decision, you are anxious to get it done and get swimming!

Is your pool project on track?

We know that you want to know what’s going on and when you can swim. We are experienced in working with first-time pool owners and have put together a checklist so you can track the project from start to swim.

We believe this checklist will help relieve stress and anxiety and will ive you milestones you can chart.

  1. Layout – the design will be spray painted into your grass for the crews to follow
  2. Excavation of the pool site
  3. Caliche – rock or unusual hard dirt
  4. Plumbing – and pool equipment will be installed
  5. Steel – to form the pool frame
  6. Electrical –
  7. Pre-gunite inspection – this is performed by the municipal code inspector
  8. Shotcrete – sprayed in concrete
  9. Tile and rock work
  10. Clean up and deck work
  11. Safety barriers – fencing, alarms – installed to municipal, state and federal standards
  12. Final inspections – by municipal code inspector
  13. Plaster and pebble work
  14. Start up of the pool and your orientation on swimming pool care
  15. Final walk through
  16. Fill
  17. Test the water chemistry
  18. Let the pump and filter run and circulate the water for a day or more
  19. SWIM!

Ask for a checklist specific to your project because different construction materials will also change this. There are so many factors that go into a pool project, but this gives you a jumping off — jumping in — point!