Did your family get a new puppy this year? The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee have tips ot keep new puppy safe around the swimming pool because let’s face it — puppies just want to be with us no matter what we’re doing, right?!

Pet safety is an important consideration for swimming pool owners. Just as you keep the pool safe for the humans in your home, so too do you need to keep it safe for the pets in your home. A new puppy, for example probably has never seen a pool or a body of water and just won’t know what to do with the water or how to be safe — you need to put measures in place to assure his safety.

We know that your dog is a part of the family and you may want him to join you in the water. No worries! If that’s the case, here are ways to keep your dog safe:.

Keep new puppy safe around the swimming pool

  1. ¬†Pool alarms. These devices will keep children and pets safe. They will sound an alarm if the surface of the water is broken and you can dash out to save whomever has fallen in or breached the fence before making it into the pool. You can equip your dog’s collar with an alarm that will sound if it gets wet, too.
  2. You need pool fencing as a matter of law and regulations, but you need to consider the type of fencing you’re getting if you have a puppy in the house. A puppy can wriggle through large openings and could dig under. Get a fence that will keep children and pets away from the pool.
  3. As soon as you bring your puppy home you need to buy a swimming pool ramp and teach him what it is, where it is and how to use it. Be diligent in training him to use the ramp and keep it in the water even when you’re not swimming in case he falls into the pool.
  4. Get all dog toys out of the water and out of the pool area when you’re not swimming. Don’t give your dog a reason to want to break in and grab a toy.
  5. Once your dog is done swimming, you will want to rinse his skin and his fur to remove any chlorinated water so he doesn’t start itching.
  6. Remember, not all dogs like water and not all dogs want to swim. If your dog doesn’t like the water, just let him relax poolside without having to get into the water.

Invest in a plastic kiddie pool and fill it with water in case he wants to take a dip, but not get into the family pool.