Tipton Pool Builders in Knoxville, TN explain the pool building process and what to know about building a swimming pool before your pool contractor puts a shovel in the ground. When you begin the process of a swimming pool project you will quickly find that it is not an inexpensive proposition. An in ground swimming pool can set you back about $20,000 — or much more — and the price hinges on the accessories, the size and many other factors.

Because of the investment you’re making in the pool you need to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth and that it will be a pool that will last a lifetime. The best way to do this is by working with a swimming pool contractor like those from Tipton Pool Builders to assure you’re working with an experienced, qualified pool builder.

The hiring of the “right” contractor is the biggest factor in a project that will suit your family far into the future. Don’t hire a contractor for your swimming pool project until you have researched him and his past jobs and until you have spoken with more than one contractor and feel comfortable wtih the contract you’re being offered.

  • You will want to invest in a variable speed pool pump that is just the right size for your pool. If you get one that is too small, the water will not turn over as often as it needs to. If you get one that is too large, it will be using energy unnecessarily. Invest in an Energy Star pump that is ideally sized for your swimming pool size.
  • Determine what kind of pool amenities and accessories you can afford based on the budget you have in place. If you have the budget for it — and don’t forget to budget for ongoing maintenance and upkeep once the pool has been constructed — add in accessories like a diving board or slide or sun shelves or a fountain or rock waterfall. These amenities amp up the uniqueness of your family pool. Also, don’t forget to budget for a swimming pool cover; a cover shouldn’t be considered an accessory or add-on, but an important piece of pool equipment.

These are three of the many, many questions you will want to think about and have an answer for before you sign a contract for a swimming pool project. Once you have your pool project complete, though, we can guarantee it will be the space where you and your family spend many of your summer hours together!