Beach entry, also known as zero entry, swimming pool styles lend a certain unique flair to your swimming pool project and to the look and feel of your backyard. When you’re in the beginning phases of talking with your Knoxville, Tennessee swimming pool contractor about your swimming pool project, ask him what a beach entry project entails — both in terms of space needed and price tag.

beach entry poolA beach entry pool means you won’t have to budget for steps and a beach entry may also make it easier for someone with limited mobility to enjoy the benefits of the pool without the worry of steps. With the beach entry you walk into the pool much as you’d walk into the ocean and the water gradually gets deeper the further you walk — it’s a progressive slope. Some pool owners opt for the placement of decorative boulders on either side of the beach entry as a visual clue for individuals that the water will be getting deeper.

While a beach entry pool is not for everyone, the pool builders from Tipton Pools offer these as benefits for this type of pool:

  • No stairs to get into the pool
  • Your children may get more fun out of a pool where they have a shallow end to play in
  • It’s an ideal place to sunbathe
  • Cautious swimmers will appreciate it because they can be in the water without having to be in water over their heads (literally)
  • A beach entry pool lends your backyard a more natural feel

Here are some items to consider if you’re pondering a zero entry pool project:

  1. It will take up a lot more yard space than does a traditional pool style
  2. If you’re planning to entertain with the children in the shallow end or sunbathe then a beach entry may be ideal. If, however, you want a swimming pool so that you can swim laps, you need to know you may be giving up valuable pool length
  3. Your pool deck will need a different configuration than with a traditional pool model, but that will be part of your pre-construction conversation

A beach entry swimming pool will likely bring with it a higher price tag than a non-beach entry style, but if you’re looking for a way to make your back yard truly unique, this may be the style for you.