Is your poolside space as pretty and practical as it could be? Do you need to update and upgrade the outdoor living space for aesthetics and practicality? Give your swimming pool contractor from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN a call or talk with us when we pay a service visit and let’s look at the space and come up with a plan.

What are some of the benefits of landscaping around the pool?

  1. To stop debris from blowing into the pool
  2. As a privacy barrier
  3. It can cut down on the water evaporation
  4. Look for landscaping plants, trees and shrubbery that are low maintenance
  5. Poolside landscaping could increase the resale value of your home
  6. It will be beautiful!

Landscape for aesthetics and practicality

Decide how you want your poolside landscaping before you begin the project. Have the outside space designed and even if you can’t afford to do all the outdoor landscaping. A fully designed landscaping design will show how it will look when it’s fully complete.

What do you need to do to landscape poolside?

  1. Make sure the area is prepared. Remove any plants and debris first
  2. Prepare the soil
  3. Know what type plants will grow best around the pool and in your unique climate
  4. Decide whether you want plants that you can move or if you want hedges and trees or a combination
  5. Lighting should be part of your overall landscaping project – in pool as well as outdoor living space lighting

When you are spending so much time in and around your backyard space you want it to be a lovely staycation spot that is restful, peaceful and fun.