What is a liquid solar pool cover? Have you ever heard of a liquid solar pool cover? The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennesse explain what they are, how they work and if there are any drawbacks to using a liquid solar pool cover.

What is a liquid solar pool cover?

A liquid solar pool cover is a thin — microscopically thin — layer of alcohol. The alcohol lies on the top of the pool water, cuts back on water evaporation and helps keep the pool water warmer. Liquid solar pool covers have been approved by the FDA and the EPA.

If you’ve done your research and decided that a liquid solar pool cover is ideal for your family pool, you will want to purchase enough to last for a couple of months — it will cost you about $25 a month, maybe more depending on the size of your pool. Decide when you will add the liquid cover and stick with the schedule. The material works best when used on a regular basis. You will pour the contents of the liquid cover onto the pool. It will float to the top and cover the surface of the pool water.

It’s been shown there isn’t a major difference in the amount of water lost to evaporation by those who use the liquid solar cover compared to those who don’t. The measurable difference comes in the form of the temperature of the water. Using a liquid solar cover can potentially raise your pool water by up to five degrees.

The material is safe and is biodegradable. If you have sensitive skin you may experience eye irritation.
You can swim in a pool with the liquid cover — it’s been deemed safe, but some pool owners are hesitant to use the pool after the cover has been poured in. Once you jump into the water, the liquid solar cover will separate and will raise back to the surface once you’re done swimming.

The cover won’t damage the pool’s circulation system.

Should you use a liquid solar cover or a regular solar cover?

It’s a personal choice, but using a cover of any kind will help slow the rate of evaporation and increase the water temperature. Remember, though if safety is a concern you will want to use a safety cover instead of a solar cover — as those simply float on the top of the water.