July 4th is coming so quickly. You may not be able to have the big backyard bash you’re accustomed to, but even if the party is smaller and more intimate — that’s fine. It’s being with friends and family that matter when you plan your July 4th swimming pool party. Practicing social distancing may mean you can’t have as many people over as possible and you may not be as physically close as you were before coronavirus, but don’t let that stop you from having fun!

So many people are planning Zoom parties and eating dinner “together” over Zoom, so why not enjoy your Fourth of July party with friends in that socially distancing way? We don’t see any reason!

The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pool contractors in Knoxville, Tennessee will pay a service visit before and after your party to assure the pool water is safe and free of bacteria. Give us a call and get on our schedule for the pool cleaning because we will be booking up quickly!

We have been working all during the coronavirus shutdown because swimming pool contractors are essential businesses. We will clean and inspect your pool and equipment and you won’t even have to see us or talk with our service professional if you don’t want to.

 Plan your July 4th swimming pool party

How can you make the most of your July 4th swimming pool party? Well, start planning now! If you and your friends will be on Zoom, coordinate time zones and activities so you can enjoy them “together” while you’re apart.

Here’s what you can decide to do for your own pool party.

  • Choose the music. Will you have a soundtrack or will you just turn on a radio station that plays music most everyone will agree on? Do you want to play patriotic tunes? Do a search on your favorite music app and turn it on!
  • Make sure the pool is clean.
  • Grab some pool noodles and other in-pool toys.
  • Invest in extra life vests and rafts
  • Fill plastic buckets with sunblock and insect repellant and dollar store flip flops. Make sure you have extra towels on hand
  • Plan for games and entertainment outside of the pool. Have a kiddie pool or a sandbox, or both. Set up a croquet game or bocce ball or volleyball nets.
  • A kiddie pool can also be filled with ice and beverages can be put right in there.
  •  Plan the menu. If you’re having guests and they offer to bring a side, say yes! It will make your prep easier.
  • Choose a responsible adult or two who will always be responsible for those in the pool.
  • If you’re serving alcohol, make sure you have a place for guests to spend the night if there isn’t a designated driver. If you have overnight guests, put together a few breakfast casseroles and viola quick breakfast the next morning.
  •  If there will be fireworks locally, plan to go see them as a great way to cap off the night!

Enjoy your Fourth of July and be safe!