Is your swimming pool new? Have you had your pool for a while now? Did you just buy a home that had a swimming pool. Regardless of the reasons, you may be looking at the pool and wondering what kind of accessories should your pool have?

Do you want an upgrade or update? Do you want to remove and replace lower-level items with more luxury, high-end accessories? Do you want to add your own unique flair to the swimming pool and its accessories? The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee are here for you and can help you decide what you want to see, and have done, in your swimming pool to make it truly your own.

Accessories take your pool from cookie cutter to unique. Just because everyone in the neighborhood has a pool doesn’t mean they all have to look alike, right? Right! There are so many ways in which to set your swimming pool apart and those could be by adding accessories like:

  1. Custom rockwork
  2. A rock waterfall
  3. Lazy river
  4. Fountains
  5. Beach entry or more

To create a unique atmosphere, let’s talk!

What kind of accessories should your pool have?

What is your budget for your upgrade to new or different accessories? The budget will help determine what you can afford to do and what may just remain a wishlist for a later time.

What kind of atmosphere do you want to create?

  1. Relaxing
  2. Upscale
  3. Fun
  4. Something natural that blends in with the yard space?
  5. Waterpark type fun?

Sit down and talk with your family about what you hope to achieve with your adding of accessories and that will help you narrow down the field of items when you sit down and talk with us.


  1. Dreams
  2. Budget
  3. Realization!

You may also opt for accessories that add to or enhance the safety or make pool care easier by adding automation to the pool. What if you want to use the pool for more months of the year? Then you may want to add an enclosure or a heater or a hot tub or spa?

The family pool turns the backyard from a nice place to be into a wonderful staycation spot that you don’t want to leave. Let your imagination run wild, plan for all of it, then chip away at it as your budget allows.