Tipton Pools, Inc, serving Knoxville, TN planning for your 2018 pool project should start now. There truly is no time like the present to talk with us about the project you hope to have kicked off this year. If you and your family want to enjoy the pool for as many months as you can this summer, you will want to start now. Even if no shovels go into the ground yet, you can decide on the pool’s placement, the overall shape and style of the pool, your outdoor living space and the accessories you want in your swimming pool.

Planning for your 2018 pool project

How can you make certain you and your family get the “perfect” pool this summer? Well that depends on what you think is perfect. To narrow down what the perfect pool looks like for you and your family you will want to decide how you will use it: exercise, parties, a combination?

How large do you want the pool? Do you want a deep end? Do you want it all one depth?

What kind of accessories do you want in your pool? Diving board? Hot tub in one end? Fountain? Pool heater? Sunshelves? The list goes on and on. Do some online research to determine the type of pool you want, then look at the pool contractor’s photo book of completed projects to gain inspiration for your project.

 Here are some decisions you will need to make: 

  • How much yard space do you want to devote to the pool?
  • Your lifestyle will be a factor in the design of your pool. How you will use it, how many people will use it, etc.
  • Find the right contractor to build your perfect pool. Do your research. Check references.
  • Ask your contractor for insight on the pool and its accessories.
  • Gather estimates from at least three contractors for your project and ask questions on any items you don’t understand on the esimates.
  • Don’t want to skimp on equipment if that is the difference in price you need to understand if you’re swapping quality and energy efficiency for up front pricing.

Start today and you will be swimming this summer!