The pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee explain how to hurricane proof a pool. You want your pool to survive the storm just as you want your home and family to make it through unscathed.

Protect your pool from hurricanes

  1. Do not drain your pool. Yes, there is a chance your pool might get over ful if there is a lot of rain, but that’s better than draining it. If you drain the pool, the fiberglass shell could float, a vinyl liner pool crinkle. A drained pool is also prone to plumbing and electrical issues if the shell or liner rips away from its mooring.
  2. If you have an above ground pool, a full pool could keep it from being carried away when the winds beging blowing. A drained pool is an invitation to destruction.
  3. Turn off all electric to the pool before the storm starts.
  4. Wrap pool equipment in plastic to keep water and dirt and debris out.
  5. If flooding is predicted disconnect devices and store them in a secure location.
  6. Remove or secure all loose items like pool toys and pool furniture. Store items in a shed or garage. Store tables, chairs and other items that could become projectiles or could be damaged if they’re tossed around. Items that fall into the pool also have the potential to damage it. Don’t throw the furniture and other items into the pool — we’ve seen people do this and it can lead to pool structure damage.
  7. Put the pool cover on if there is time. This is something that is a personal choice. Some people want to cover the pool to keep dirt and debris out, others worry that the whipping winds will damage the pool cover or rip it off its moorings and damage the pool. Ask your contractor for his advice then follow your gut.

After the storm has passed.

If you put the cover on, vacuum up as much water from the cover as possible before you remove it. Remove any large pieces of debris or tree branches. Don’t run the vacuum in the pool until you’re sure you’ve picked up all large pieces of debris.

Remove waterproof covers from electrical system and pumps. If you’re not certain whether anything was damaged, call us or call an electrian before you turn the power back on.

Prepare your family and then your swimming pool for any impending storms. Call us if you have questions.