Tipton Pools swimming pool service contractors in Knoxville, TN talk with new swimming pool owners to help them understand the nuances of pool care. They offer pool maintenance tips for new pool owners and for those long-time pool owners who need a refresher.

Upkeep and maintenance of the swimming pool may seem never-ending and in some ways it is. In order to keep the pool water free of bacteria and swimmable you need to continually test the water and add chemicals when necessary.

Many pool owners hire a pool contractor to take on the pool care because they find it’s less expensive to do that and it certainly frees up a lot of time. If you have free time would you rather clean the pool or swim in it? Trick question, we know!

Pool maintenance tips for new pool owners

Here is a primer on pool and spa maintenance tips and “rules” for pool upkeep:

  1. Use a pool cover. This is an investment that will save you money on pool chemicals and time in cleaning effort. You will also save money on water lost to evaporation.
  2. Check the operating pressure on the pool pump and filter. When the pool is constructed and the filter installed ask the pool contractor to write the pressure right on it so you can easily tell if it’s too high, too low or just right.
  3. Skim floating debris from the water as frequently as you’re able. Skimming is better than vacuuming falling debris from the bottom of the pool. Speaking of vacuuming… even though you will want to get done quickly, go slowly so you don’t stir up dirt as that will make it harder to remove.
  4. During the pool construction process, make sure your pool contractor places the pool skimmer on the downwind side of the pool. This will help the action of the wind push debris toward the skimmer and more easily remove it.
  5. Add pool chemicals after the sun goes down. This will prevent evaporation of the chemicals and will also allow you to swim during the day. Add chemicals when you’re done swimming for the day, turn on the pump and filter and let it circulate while you sleep.

Make an informed decision on whether it’s less costly for you to hire a pool contractor or do the pool maintenance yourself. Feel free to ask us for a few lessons on how to clean and maintain the pool. You can also call on us for the occasional pool service visit if necessary.