If you want to upgrade and update your swimming pool to incorporate three unique swimming pool accessories or features, we have a few ideas for you to consider. The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee offer unique suggestions for pool owners who want to kick it up a notch.

How can you enhance the aesthetics and the experience you have in your family’s swimming pool. If you’re ready to upgrade your pool or if you want to do a swimming pool remodeling project, why not consider one of these.

When you include any one of these options you’re turning your backyard swimming pool into a resort like setting and adding to your staycation experience every time you’re out there.

Three unique swimming pool accessories

Swimming pool tanning ledges or sun shelves, also called baja ledges or benches are spaces within the swimming pool on which you can literally tan! The ledges are about four to eight feel long and up to eighteen inches deep. At that length and depth you can easily be semi-submerged and get the coolness of the water and the heat of the sun.

Your pool contractor can create your ledge as a circle, rectangle or a freeform design. The sun shelves are also an ideal place for children to play — as long as there is constant adult supervision — where they can be in the water and not be underwater.

On your sun shelf your pool contractor can install a feature into which you could install an umbrella to shade the space and make it even more comfortable for lounging.

Never get out of the swimming pool when your pool contractor constructs in-pool seating and a dining table. Yes, you can sit in the pool and eat a meal! The table top, depending on the wave action in the pool can be used for card games, mahjong or even a full meal.

Remember the table top and seating will detract from the swimming area in your pool. Many people who have this feature do so when the pool has an L-shape so you don’t impact the flow of swimming.

A lap pool or play pool. The lap pool really lends itself to in-pool sports like volleyball, for example. When you have a lap pool they are ideal for those who want the pool for mainly exercise purposes although they are also an ideal pool shape for fun and games, too.

Talk with your pool contractor about any of these design options or other options you may have considered and see how it fits in with your overall pool plan.