Is it hot tub time in your part of the country? Have you and your family used the hot tub year round? Have you talked with your pool and hot tub contractor from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN about how to save money on running your hot tub this season? We can help you run your hot tub more efficiently this season.

When you slip beneath the warm waters of the hot tub you don’t want to worry about what that soak is costing you, do you? No, you want to relax and unwind and not stress about whether it’s “worth it” to be in the hot tub heating the water and running the jets.

Save money on running your hot tub this season

Here are ways to save money on hot tub bills this season:

  • Program the pump to run at night. You will pay the “night rate” on electricity and that’s typically less expensive.
  • Grab the owners manual and see if there are “economy” settings for the hot tub operation. This could save you substantial money on operation.
  • Drop the temperature a degree or two. Chances are no one will notice the difference, but you may just save money.
  • Turn air controls and valves to the “off” position. The valves and air controls pull outside air into the hot tub and push it through the jets when the tub isn’t being used and this can make the heater work harder to keep the water at the desired temp.
  • Always use a hot tub cover. This slows the rate of evaporation and also traps in the heated water.
  • Is the shell properly insulated? You will also want to check that no wildlife has made nests in there and damaged the insulation. Ask us about adding more insulation if necessary.
  • Location matters with the hot tub. Keep it out of the direct line of wind and make certain it’s not near any downspouts that could be dripping cold water. A south facing exposure for the hot tub will keep the water temperature warmer longer.

If you’re new to hot tub ownership or if you want to find ways to operate it more cost effectively this season, give us a call.