One of the questions the swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee get asked all the time is, “should the pool water be this color?” It may seem like an odd question, but there are times you may notice your pool water looks different than the day it did before. You may also notice that different areas of the pool look different from one another.

We know that when you’re sitting in a showroom and looking through the pool contractor’s portfolio the water may appear to be different colors. The answers are simple… and complex. In fact from pool to pool the color of the water may appear different.

Should the pool water be this color?

The main color you never want to see in your swimming pool is green (or brown or yellow) because that color typically means your pool has been hit by algae bloom.

If the color you’re seeing isn’t green or brown or yellow, though here are some other reasons for different color pool water.

  1. The pool finish color
  2. The shade that falls on the pool
  3. The depth of the pool
  4. The amount of sunshine — water on a bright and sunny day may appear different than on a dreary day
  5. The landscaping can cast a shadow or a color on the pool water and that could lead to different colors

Don’t forget, too that when you’re looking at photos of swimming pools there could be photoshopping to make the water look even more crystal clear and sparkling. Talk with your pool contractor if you want to have your pool water look a particular color talk with us when we talk about your swimming pool design so you can look at options for pool tiles to help you achieve the pool water color of your dreams.