There are many tasks that go into swimming pool service and swimming pool ownership. Should you brush your swimming pool? That is a question our service contractors at Tipton Pools get asked all the time. The short answer is yes and we will explain why brushing the pool is part of the service we provide when we pay a maintenance visit.

What benefits are there to brushing a swimming pool? 

We know that if you’re a DIYer pool owner, brushing can seem like a pointless and time-consuming task so you may wonder if there is a point. There is and here are a few of the benefits. 

  1. It prevents algae from sticking to the pool 
  2. It keeps biofilm from building up 
  3. Brushing keeps the pool surfaces clean
  4. Brushing the pool cleans the nooks and crannies and keeps them cleaner 

Should You Brush Your Swimming Pool?

Not only does brushing the pool make it look cleaner it actually makes it cleaner and that is a win-win.

When you brush the pool you are preventing algae from grabbing hold in places that chlorine may not have the power to remove and if left on a surface you could come out to a nasty yellow, brown or green “surprise” in your pool water. When you brush the pool you are removing and releasing the spores hold on the pool surfaces and then you vacuum them out to keep the pool water cleaner and more clear.

If you aren’t sure how brushing will help remove biofilm, this may help. Biofilm is what can lead to a “ring” around your pool. It could also lead to a film of gunk that will cover the entire body of water and it is not easy to get rid of. When you brush the pool you’re also removing biofilm 

Dumping chlorine into the pool water is the first step in keeping the water clean and free of bacteria, but you can help it do its job by brushing the pool walls and floor once you add it. When you brush the pool walls and floors you are circulating the chlorine and moving it into the nooks and crannies.

Is there a certain type of brush to use? Yes. Use a brush that is made for the type of pool construction material you have. Vinyl, fiberglass and concrete will each use a different type of brush to do the job and not damage the pool.

Should you brush the pool every day? If possible, yes. We know it takes a lot of time so you could break the task up. Brush one half of the pool one day or two walls one day and the floor another and the other two walls the next. Make sure the pool is being thoroughly brushed at least two times a week.

Give us a call and let us explain more of the benefits of brushing your pool. We can also come out and give you an estimate on pool service for your pool. That way when you have free time you can swim, not brush!