Should you get a spill over spa? Tipton Pool builders explain 

If you’re talking with a swimming pool contractor about your pool construction project you may want to consider whether you should get a spill over spa. Adding a spa to your swimming pool may mean you have access to swimming, or relaxing in the water year round. Should you get a spill over spa? It depends. If you have the money for it and if you’ve long wanted a hot tub, why not combine the hot tub aspect with the swimming pool construction and have the best of all worlds. The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pool Builders can construct a spill over spa in such a way that you won’t even have to get out of the pool to get into the spa!

Should you get a spill over spa?

A benefit of the spill over spa that is a swim up style is that you can swim from the pool into the hot tub/spa. Relax in the heated waters with the therapeutic jets will benefit you without your having to take a step! Dress up your spill over spa by adding a rock waterfall.

A spill-over is constructed to incorporate and use water from the pool into the spa so that no water is wasted. When shopping for this upgrade, ask your pool contractor if he has done a project like this before you sign any contract for the construction.

Think about the type, style and placement of the jets you will have in your spa to assure maximum enjoyment and therapeutic benefits. Jets can be positioned to focus the pulsating water on any part of your body that is sore, tired or aching. Consider the depth of the water as well as the placement and type of seating you will have in your spill over spa.

Whether you’re starting a completely new pool construction project or a remodeling project in which you will add a spill over spa, talk with your trusted pool contractor now to get the project started!