How many of your devices inside the house operate with a remote control? Can you start your car remotely? Can you imagine not being able to turn the television on or off or the lights or heat up or down without a remote? The benefit of a remote control for a hot tub is the same convenience applied to your outdoor hot tub and/or swimming pool.

Remote controls offer not only ease of use but, sometimes more importantly, with a remote you can set it and forget it. Being able to set a timer to turn on the hot tub jets or raise or lower the heater or run the pump and filter and not have to remember to turn it on or off can be a money-saver.

Talk with your swimming pool and hot tub contractor from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee about the installation of remote control or smart devices.

In addition to turning on the jets and heat, you can use a remote control programmed to operate your stereo, outside lighting and even your towel warming rack.

The benefit of remote control for a hot tub

Talk to your swimming pool service contractor from Tipton Pools the next time we pay a service visit if you’re looking for ways to automate your pool and/or hot tub with remote control devices.

Outdoor wireless controls operate on the same premise as in-house remote, by sending radio waves to the receiver to do your bidding. With a wireless radio signal remote, you don’t need to maneuver around to point the remote at the unit you’d like to operate and these devices typically run on batteries. There are new weatherproof wireless remotes that can be turned on and off via your cell phone which is a boon to those who want to have the hot tub up and running when they get home from work.

An air switch remote is a basic controller. These remotes are attached to the device it will be operating. Compressed air in the hose is forced through it and operates the appliance after you press a switch on the remote control.

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