Are you having a swimming pool constructed this year? Has your swimming pool contractor from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN talked about the benefits of a pool cover? If he or she hasn’t you need to ask about the benefits and why you should budget for a cover at the same time you talk with a contractor about why you need to get a pool cover and why you should use it regularly.

The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools get asked regularly why they need to spend money on a pool cover, when they may want to put that money into a “fun” accessory. Pool covers perform multiple duties including:

  1. Trapping the heat from heated water
  2. Keeping debris out of the pool
  3. A safety cover will help protect people and pets from falling in
  4. You may use fewer chemicals to keep the pool clean
  5. You can save money on pool maintenance

The benefits of a pool cover

The surface of the swimming pool is so large that it is the reason for so much energy loss in a pool. When the pool isn’t covered, the heat escapes, the chemicals and water evaporate. When you heat the swimming pool water by only a single degree it costs one BTU of energy per pound of water. For each pound of water that evaporates from the pool, that is heated to 78 degrees and the pool is uncovered you are losing more than 1,000 BTUs of heat and energy!

Swimming pool covers help pool owners save energy, water and time by reducing the rate at which water evaporates. When you’re diligent in using the swimming pool cover you can potentially save 50% on utility costs.

How to choose a pool cover

  1. Go low-tech, a large, thick plastic sheet. It provides no measure of safety and is not a great option BUT it is not easy to put on, take off or store, but in a pinch you could use one.
  2. For long term health of the pool and money-saving benefits invest in a better cover.
  3. Covers can be purchased off the internet but you’re better served getting your pool cover from your pool contractor. The main reason is you want to ensure the cover is properly fitted.
  4. Solar covers are popular. They heat the water and protect it from debris, but provide no safety benefits.

Inspect your pool cover before you close the pool for the season and make certain it will get you through the winter. Discover whether you need to invest in a new pool cover before the new swim season rolls around.

If you need to invest in a new one or upgrade your current cover or even add an automatic pool cover, give us a call and let’s make a plan for your cover.