Tipton Pools contractors offer hot tub buying tips

What to think about when buying a hot tub, is a conversation many homeowners have when they are deciding whether to have a stand alone hot tub or have a hot tub constructed into one end of their swimming pool. The hot tub and swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN explain that adding a hot tub is something many pool owners do because they simply can’t bear to give up the idea of spending time in the water — even after swim season has passed.

What to think about when buying a hot tub

  • ¬†Suit up. Yes, you heard that right! You will want to spend time in a hot tub before you make a decision on buying one. Why? Because you want to know what kind of jets you want, where you want them placed and what heights you want for the seating. Ask your contractor whether they have store models that you can test out.
  • Keep your options open. Don’t choose the first hot tub you see. Try out more than one. Understand all of the options available. Make an informed decision.
  • Know how you will use it and how many people will use it. Buy a hot tub that will accommodate the average number of people who will be in the hot tub at one time. Sure, if you throw a party, you may need to switch places and get into and out of the hot tub so others can get in, but on a regular basis if only four people will be in it, you know that you want a hot tub that can accommodate at least four people.
  • Shop for price and for a contractor who is reputable. Ask for references from current and past clients. When shopping for price, compare apples to apples and understand any differences in pricing structures.
  • Don’t forget to make plans for maintenance and service for the hot tub once it’s been installed.
  • Put a budget together for the purchase, the construction of an area to house it (you may need to pour a slab of concrete, or run wiring) the increase in utilities and maintenance)

There is no time like the present to start researching your hot tub purchase. Give us a call today!