Are you a trend setter or a follower of trends? The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville work with both. They’ve seen the top poolside landscaping trends and have helped their pool owning customers work some — or all — of them into their outdoor living spaces.

There are many poolside landscaping trends and items and projects you can have undertaken that won’t take away from being able to use the swimming pool. During this hot summer, no one wants to give up swimming pool time for a construction project.

How can you create a poolside space that lures you out-of-doors and keeps you out there rather than in the house during these fleeting months of summer? Here are some ideas to talk with us about.

Top poolside landscaping trends

The reason many pool owners spend so much time pool side is that they have brought their indoor living amenities outside in the summer. You can have your poolside space reflect the personal style you have in your home.

  • Construct an outdoor kitchen and eating area. You can cook on your barbecue grill or you can have an entire outdoor kitchen constructed. If you have an outdoor cooking area, it only makes sense to have an outdoor eating area, rather than sitting on a lounge chair and balancing a plate on your lap you can have a dining space. Look for furniture that is weather resistant and that matches your unique decorating flair — glass, wooden, concrete or plush, overstuffed chairs. Mixing materials and textures lends itself to a unique look.
  • Poolside cabana space can be as simple as an awning, movable umbrellas or as elaborate as a poolhouse, gazebo or other covered structure that allows you to feel as though you’re in the living room but that you’re enjoying the outdoors poolside.
  • Entertainment systems such as televisions, stereos and gaming consoles are making their way to the poolside space. Look for weather resistant cabinets to house these items and you can rest assured they will be safe outside during summer.
  • Set the mood and keep warm when the sun goes down by having an outdoor fireplace constructed poolside. You can choose from myriad styles of heating and styles. Your fireplace can be decorative and functional — imagine cooking a pizza in your outdoor oven! Yum!
  • Add a spa or hot tub. When do you this you add to the weeks, or even months, of time you can spend in the water in your backyard and a hot tub or spa lends beauty and aesthetic appeal to your outdoor living space. A hot tub can be added to one end of the swimming pool or you can add it to your existing deck or even place it in a different part of the yard to act as a secluded get away.

What trends would you like to incorporate into your swimming pool and outdoor living space? Give us a call and let’s help you make that dream come true!