What is a natural pool? Would a natural pool make sense for you and your family? A natural swimming pool, the swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN explain that a natural pool can have more than one meaning but what we are talking about here is a pool that is kept clean through the use of aquatic plants to keep the pool water clean — instead of using swimming pool chemicals. The way a natural pool is constructed is that there is a dedicated area for swimming and a dedicated pool area for the aquatic plants.

What is a natural pool?

Natural swimming pools were first used in the early 1980s but have gained in popularity and have moved into the UInited States from their original use in Europe. They are becoming more affordable and are a way for pool owners who don’t want to swim in chemicals to move away from that while having water that is free of bacteria.

A natural swimming pool works in much the same way as natural bodies of water do in nature. The types of plants, the shape of the natural pool and the way the water circulates are all designed to keep the pool in a consistent state of swimmability and clean water. If a natural pool is designed correctly, there will be no need to add chemical disinfectants or chemical stabilizers because the biologically active plants and water circulation add in beneficial microbes while removing harmful bacteria. If you’re not certain you want to go truly natural with yor pool you can have a hybrid natural pool constructed. In a hybrid natural pool, there will be the need to add sterilizing agents and to use UV or ozone to keep the water clean. This is still a much lower level of chemical usage than with a traditional pool, but a hybrid will require some chemical use.

There is no fear of mosquitoes taking up residence in the natural pool because the water is circulating. It is stagnant, non-moving bodies of water that are prone to mosquito infestation.

Whether you want a natural pool to make a move away from using pool chemicals or if you want your pool to be eco- and environmentally friendly, it is an option that isn’t much more costly than a traditional swimming pool. A natural pool will cost more than a traditional pool, but over the long run, you will reap the benefits in enery saving and pool chemical investment.

If you have the budget for it and the yard space necessary, talk with us about the construction of a natural swimming pool for your family.