Whether you hire the swimming pool service professionals from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN to clean and maintain your pool or if you are a DIYer there are some basics that are required to keep your pool in tip-top shape. What you need to know about pool maintenance is something we can talk with you about when we pay a service visit.

Keeping the pool and its water clean, and maintained and the equipment working at its peak is crucial to protect the investment of the family pool. Pool owners can either commit to being diligent DIYer or hire the services of a pool contractor or a combination of the two to keep the pool always swimmable and clean.

What you need to know about pool maintenance

  1. Top of the list is to always keep the pool water clean. Skim off floating dirt and debris. Use a pool cover to keep the water cleaner, slow the rate of evaporation and lower the number of chemicals needed to balance the water chemistry.
  2. Keep a log of when you have last performed the pool maintenance and service steps. It is easy to skip a day or two and then all of a sudden you’re faced with an algae bloom.
  3. In addition to skimming floating debris, you need to vacuum the pool regularly to pick up fallen debris. Before you vacuum the pool you will want to brush the walls and floors to loosen any algae spores.
  4. Buy a water testing kit and ask us how to properly use it and read the results. You will need to know how to interpret the numbers so you know what chemicals need to be added.
  5. Other maintenance basics include checking the filter and the gauges and emptying the skimmer basket.
  6. Do a weekly walk around the pool to ensure there are no leaks. If you see water puddling around it, that could mean there is a leak.

Prior to hiring a pool maintenance contractor, check references, ask for an estimate an ask what is included as well as what’s not included in the price. Here’s to your wonderful swim season.