The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee talk with potential pool owners about why gunite is the best pool construction option. It may be the most expensive of the options, but there is a reason for that — gunite is the longest-lasting of construction materials and rarely will you ever find a leak in a concrete aka gunite pool!

When you’re making an investment in a project as major as a swimming pool you need to assure yourself it will be with you and your family for decades. Concrete or a gunite pool is a construction material that stands the test of time and is worth the investment you’ve made in it. Concrete pools are also considered the pool construction material that is more likely to increase the value of your home — a plus for resale value.

Why gunite is the best pool construction option

Here are reasons to choose gunite for your pool project:  

  1. Concrete is low maintenance.
  2. A concrete pool is a great investment for the money spent
  3. A concrete pool is more likely to increase the resale value of your home
  4. A gunite swimming pool will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your backyard
  5. A gunite swimming pool offers much more flexibility of design than any other pool construction material
  6. A concrete pool will last for decades with proper and ongoing maintenance and upkeep
  7. Your imagination and your budget are the limits to what your swimming pool design can ultimately be!
  8. You can set your concrete pool apart aesthetically by the use of colored gunite, tiles or plaster

Talk with your pool contractor to determine the best construction material for your budget and your needs. Concrete is one of the best materials you can get for your money, but there are other factors you may need to consider before making the final decision on your family pool.

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